Social Media: The New Buzz Word

We hear the term “Social Media” all the time and come across it in many different places, but what does it really mean, and as a communications professional, how can I use it effectively?

To help answer these questions, I’m taking a “Building Social Media Relationships” class as part of the Public Relations program at McMaster University’s Centre for Continuing credit:

Consider it Social Media 101. We get to dabble in the different social media platforms available, and experience first-hand how to build a social community. That’s what makes social media so powerful – it fosters two-way communication in real time.

I have been away from the workforce for the past seven years as a stay-at-home-mom raising our two daughters. In that short time social media has exploded. It is everywhere and is used all the time by individuals, companies and even brands.

I want to learn more about social media and how best to use it effectively in my professional career. But more importantly, I want to know how to use it strategically.

Several questions I hope this class will answer include:

  • What social media platforms are available, and which ones are the best to use?
  • How do you generate interest and offer real value to clients and their customers?
  • And finally, how do you have a productive and constructive two-way dialogue on social media?

It’s amazing how much technology has changed the field of communications in just this past decade. I came across an article that speaks to the evolution of public relations.

Technology has also influenced how we access information. The focus is now to have everything digitally available at your fingertips, and as communication specialists, we need to be able to tap into this and figure out how to maximize it.

Here’s an article that illustrates how technology has changed and the interactive article example give us a taste of the endless possibilities that are available.

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