Five Short Years

My youngest daughter turns five today.

She has been counting down the days for a week, and has been telling every person she meets that her birthday is coming up. Now, the day is finally here.

Birthday’s as a kid are so exciting – an entire day to celebrate you!

My daughter was born five years ago today. It's amazing how much they grow and change in five short years!

My daughter was born five years ago today – she has grown and changed so much in five short years!

Cake, presents, streamers and balloons – little things to show her she’s special and to mark the day she was born.

As a child you can’t wait to grow up. The days and months seem to take forever to go by. Then at some point all that changes. As we get older we better understand the concept of time. I think you really notice it when you become a parent; suddenly there never seems to be enough hours in the day, and the days and weeks quickly add up to years.

You stop counting your own age and at times even forget how old you really are! Not for kids, they have it down to the nearest fraction: “I’m seven and a half”.

Birthday’s look very different through the eyes of a child – I’m glad we get to relive these great moments once again through our own children.

Enjoy-the-little-things quote

Happy 5th Birthday Lauren!

Quote found at: The Gypsy Nester and made with Quozio.
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6 Responses to Five Short Years

  1. Your daughter’s beautiful. Enjoy for as long as she’ll let you!

  2. rbridge1983 says:

    Celebrate every second with them, time goes by far too fast.

  3. satinderh says:

    She is so precious! Hope her 5th birthday was great!

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